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Hospitality Show 2011

Hospitality Show Birmingham Jan 2011 Just to let you know that we will be exhibiting at the Hospitality show in Birmingham 24-26 Jan. We would really be interested in your thoughts on this. It is our intentions to not only … Continue reading

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Italy Trip

We recently took 12 dealers over to Italy and like most trips, whether it is with children or dealers, it started of with something going wrong, one of the party lost his wallet on the way to the airport. Although … Continue reading

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Seeing is believing

I read an interesting article on the BBC website yesterday about The science of optical illusions I would suggest everyone takes a look it really does highlight the fact that we make so many assumptions everyday and much of what … Continue reading

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Country of origin, is it credible?

Should country of origin be important in our industry like it is in others? If you have ever seen any adverts for alcohol in particular spirits, and let’s face it you can’t avoid them, you may have noticed that many … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Chefline Solutions blog. We hope this proves to be informative for you but above all we hope you enjoy reading it. We will try to be as entertaining as we can and hope to offer an informed … Continue reading

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