Italy Trip

We recently took 12 dealers over to Italy and like most trips, whether it is with children or dealers, it started of with something going wrong, one of the party lost his wallet on the way to the airport. Although we think that was just an excuse in case he had to buy a round at the bar!!!

We started of with a trip to the Moduline factory and along with product training we also had a demonstration by Modulines chef Paul O’Niell on the regeneration methods we use.

The regenerated breakfast turned out great and he even regenerated the fried eggs to perfection. We also demonstrated the new cook & hold ovens and brought out a Turkey after 16hours from the oven that a former multiple carvery chef described as the best he has seen and tasted. (By the way the guy that lost his wallet wouldn’t stop eating the Turkey – probably thought he had to pay for his meals also!!!)

Next to we set off to Silko and Hiber we’re we were met by mad Tony, so typical of this area of Italy, he will use 50 words were 5 will do!!!

The party spent some time considering our one piece top options for the chef who wants that next level but is still controlled by budget restraints.

In the evening we were lucky enough to be able to visit Venice, and after getting the taxi boat we ended up in Piazza San Marco (often known in English as Saint Mark’s Square) this is where the cultural divide of our guests kicked in. Sat in a bar in the square listening to classical music relaxing, whilst some where looking for the nearest Irish Bar. There’s always an Irish bar in every city in the world…Just incase you didn’t know the guy that lost is wallet was one of the latter.

The first day having seen new concepts and idea’s within Moduline and the flexibility and robustness of Silko against its competitors we went to Marrone. This was a leap of gigantic proportions. Everything is custom made and sits at the very top in terms of quality against anything in the market.

Before I forget, we told the guys that it was a casual dress day because of a later return to the UK. When we arrived we were greeted by Armando the M.D. of the company who firstly thought he would let the coach driver know when to return to pick us up. So he started talking in fluent speedy Italian to the most casually dressed guy. Unfortunately that was the oldest member of our party. Must send Armando the book “How to win friends and Influence people.” Everyone was blown away by the passion, quality and environmental savings that Marrone has to offer.

Our final thought on this is that we do not have show rooms full of dead equipment. It is not environmentally sustainable and is not cost effective. We aim to utilise the factories as our showrooms and to cover the environmental costs for every visit we plant a tree for each person to offset any carbon emissions the trip may lead to. The Tree will go on to produce the equivalent co2 of the flight every year. This is something that we will continue to monitor and intend to write a blog on this matter in the near future for your consideration.


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1 Response to Italy Trip

  1. Greg Archer says:

    Before we start…. I lost (Had Nicked) my wallet…… And that Turkey just needed a Barmcake and would of rounded it off nicely……
    Thankyou for the trip, was very informative learning and understanding the Regeneration side of the industry. The visits and hospitality to each factory and passion showed by the hosts for there products was excellent . The visit to Venice was similar to the journey I had down the Irwell the other week to the Le Piazza San Salford!!!!!!…… Ah the Culture of Salford!!!.
    Once again thankyou for the Trip, for paying (1st Class)my journey home.
    I wish you every success as the products deserves it.
    Kindest Regards…
    ps: Can I have an Apple Tree 😉

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