Hospitality Show 2011

Hospitality Show Birmingham Jan 2011

Just to let you know that we will be exhibiting at the Hospitality show in Birmingham 24-26 Jan.

We would really be interested in your thoughts on this.

It is our intentions to not only show our equipment but to actually use it and have a “Live kitchen/Demonstration section”. Now this is aimed at showing the flexibility and giving practical examples ofwhat can be achieved. Then when we talk about energy saving, more yield, easy clean etc, you cansee it for yourselves.
This is where we want your thoughts please; people within our industry have mixed feelings abouttrade shows. We are trying to gauge a true response not one that the organisers want to sell to you.
Have trade shows had their day
Do you prefer the large national shows or more regional events?
Is Birmingham NEC a good location?
When at the event, do you like to see live demonstrations?
How does this help you?
Or is it just somewhere to stop for free food and pretend to be interested? (We’ve all done it!!!)
Would a celebrity chef influence any buying decision?
Have you ever ordered a piece of equipment at a show?
Hopefully your answers will help us position our company around what you like to see.

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4 Responses to Hospitality Show 2011

  1. TomPratt says:

    I am a college lecturer and I own a restaurant and yes I have ordered equipment at exhibitions no I do not stop for free food and I do think that these shows do help sales as long as the sales staff do a good job,some can’t be bothered and that does reflect in there sales.Try sending in a mystery shopper you will get a shock .I did it for a company and they were amased at the result.questionnaires are not that good.

    • Thanks Tom, agree with your point about some of the sales staff. The bar bills and blood shot eyes are a good indicator of this also! You mention you don’t stop for food, but do you believe live cooking is neccasary, the cost for power is extortionate.

  2. I agree with Tom and never fail to be amazed at some stands where the sales staff seem to think they are on holiday. That said some do a great job, must be a lack of monitoring sales and marketing ROI.

    Exhibitions like all established media do work the key is putting the work in to get the results back.

  3. Rowan Crowley says:

    No, trade shows have not had their day, but they and their exhibitors do have to work much harder these days to attract and retain visitors using relevant ‘features’ at the show and effective stands and staff. It’s still the case that many exhibitors have not planned carefully, then set out to deliver with stand design and activity, as well as staff who engage with visitors (many still avoid them!). Most do not visit with an order book, which makes it important both to get key sales points across, and to capture visitor details for follow up and further communication. The NEC is very expensive, making it even more essential to be effective: hangovers simply add cost and undermine effort.

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